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The Community Outreach Program lays the foundation for deeper exploration into the museum community as a social development tool; where AIHM partners with local community organizations, religious institutions and government initiatives to provide targeted social services to this high risk, high needs community (Ward 8).

By virtue of its prime location, within walking distance from high schools and the Anacostia Metro Station, AIHM is ideally positioned on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., to become a hub for youth and young adults, to access social services “en route”. AIHM will also utilize the Community Outreach program to tap the information technology and business professionals from the Muslim community to mentor and provide skills development workshops for the unemployed of Ward 8 neighborhoods. Aside from facilitating technical skills, AIHM encourages dialogue amongst the various groups on how to overcome challenges and establish new beginnings. Community Outreach provides space to other Inner City groups, to hold sessions for adults and youth.

Previous events include Day of Dignity, in partnership with Islamic Relief, our evening snack program where we give snack to inner city youth on a daily basis, City Sundays, when

If you have ideas for more community engagement activities, or if you are interested in helping out with another one, please contact us or submit a form.

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Community Engagement