Preserving Our History, Honoring Our Past, Ensuring Our Future  

Amir N Muhammad began his career as director and curator of America’s Islamic Heritage Museum September 1996. Learn more about him and the rest of the team here.

Our Director: Amir Muhammad

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America’s Islamic Heritage Museum & Cultural Center
2315 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Southeast, Washington, DC, United States

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A message from our director

At America’s Islamic Heritage Museum (AIHM) we welcome you to come learn about America’s rich extensive Islamic history dating back to the 16th century, while exploring  some of the lives and events of the 17th, 18th and 19th century of Muslims heritage and their contributions and narratives in America. As the first director of America’s Islamic Museum (AIHM) I’m honored to be at the vanguard of a primary shift change in the way we look at America’s diversity and forgotten roots, the history of Muslims in early America. Our history, like all histories, has many narratives, many people, cultures, and dreams. We believe in connecting people using the arts, culture, and history. 

We also provide four primary, very informative and insightful programs. Our Scholars Corner features various scholars on historical and contemporary topics. Our Oral History Program provides insights into the history, culture, and narratives of the various Muslim communities that make up our society today; our Arts & Cultural programs feature and highlight various artists both Muslim and local talent in the visual arts, creative arts, and performing artists; our Community Engagement programs allow us to provide many humanities’ programs to the community as well as provide community festivals.

If you have not visited us recently you will experience some changes and additions, as we continue to work to find ways to showcase additional objects. So look for additional surprises when you visit us next. 

I invite you to come and experience our shared history at America’s Islamic Heritage Museum through our portals of exhibits from the views of American Islamic history. Bring your families, friends, and classes to discover the many hidden stories and contributions of Muslim Americans.