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Did you know that in the 1500s, a Muslim explorer reached the shore of America? Did you know that President Thomas Jefferson owned a Quran? Did you know that the American Muslim population is roughly 11 million*? Did you know that American Muslims were musicians and sports stars? Did you know that roughly 30% of enslaved Africans were Muslims? Did you know that there are two towns in America named, Mohamet?

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Preserving Our History, Honoring Our Past, Ensuring Our Future  

What is the story of the American Muslim?

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Your journey at America's Islamic Heritage Museum begins in the 1500s and concludes in the 21st century, exploring the contributions of American Muslims and the legacies they have left behind, and continue to create every day. As a living museum, new exhibits are added on a frequent basis. Click here to see a list of temporary exhibits. There are also community events open to the public. more information on those events can be found on our Facebook and on our events page.

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