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America’s Islamic Heritage Museum & Cultural Center
2315 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Southeast, Washington, DC, United States

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Scholars' Corner links similar civic and cultural institutions and their representatives, by facilitating interactive discussion sessions, to broaden understanding of how the nation’s cultural, social and political histories intertwine to create the distinctive American experience. AIHM allows humanities scholars an opportunity to gather with like-minded individuals from inter-faith communities to discuss and breakdown modern social and political realities. The community has opportunities, in the presence of and with the guidance of talented and committed experts, to insure productive and rich conversation and debate.

Scholars' Corner is a valuable tool for audiences, as it allows access to facilitated critical thinking opportunities for curious minds that have been interested in or exposed to Islam, or who are members of the community that are not regularly in communication with issues in the Muslim community.

Dr. Hakim M. Rasheed

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Preserving Our History, Honoring Our Past, Ensuring Our Future  

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